Sheet Fortress



While working on this logo my initial thought was to take a literal approach and design a simple stylized flower to represent what you all are doing. I spent some time sketching ideas and playing with shapes and found that what I was coming up with didn't speak to the depth of what you are creating. After doing some research I came across the triquetra which is what this logo is derived from.

The symbolism within the logo is fluid and could represent the three of you, the three states of existence; mind, body, and soul, the triple aspected goddess; maid, mother, and crone, the three domains of our natural world; land, sky, and sea, the interweaving and unity of relationships, and of course the wildflower as the shape is strikingly similar to a trillium.

The three outer circles represent three heads with the line work becoming arms. When viewed with this in mind, the logo becomes three interlocked humans holding a space together. This also serves as a way to distinguish your logo from other triquetras out there in the world.

I chose to keep the line work thin and spacious. This was intended to communicate that special and extremely rare space and time that you are trying to reveal to the girls.

The serif font is intended to balance the clean/modern design with an element from our past prior to computers. The lowercase font is a visual association with youth and the potential for growth.

Purple is a chromatic mixture of the primary colors red and blue. It is said to be simultaneously warm and cool. Passionate yet calm. A color with a depth of feeling. Purple is associated with wisdom, dignity, creativity, mystery, and magic.  It is rare and considered sacred in nature, and usually occurs as a flower. It seems like the right choice for wildflower girls. 

For use on social media platforms, the triquetra graphic has been isolated as an icon.