Sheet Fortress

The Shakti Journal


The icons are designed to have a hand-drawn appearance. I intended to communicate tangibility and human expression with the design. To me this feels aligned with the qualities of a concerned citizen cooperative. I feel like the appearance and overall aesthetics of The Shakti Journal should have the feeling of a well crafted hand made protest sign. With that in mind, I chose to make symbols of the natural elements/objects representing each portal rather than using photorealistic images. I drew inspiration from Pagan, Hindu and Southwestern geometric patterns and iconography.

I spent some time playing around with logo ideas for this presentation. A sans-serif typeface feels much better to me than the existing serif font you are using. Sans-serif fonts have a modern quality. They feel youthful and minimalistic. It complements the simplistic hand drawn shapes in this version of the logo.

Below you will find a static version of the mobile homepage and a video of the animated journal icon. 


This video file is looped to give you a better sense of the animation. On the website, I'm envisioning an initial animation to reveal the icons. Following the intro animation for each icon the home page becomes static. For videos and other social media applications it will make more sense to animate the icons on and off of the screen to transition to other content.



This was one of the first versions I made that led to the drafts above. I think this is what you were requesting with the water lines in one of your recent emails... This to me didn't feel clean enough. Also, I feel that the consistency of the lower portion of each icon is important. It creates a unity between the three icons that isn't there when each icon has it's own distinct lower half.