Sheet Fortress





We moved to Santa Fe last year

Willow found a job so we could all find the sun

Dorian found some snow

I found some freedom from 40 hours, for now

The forest is 15 minutes from the frenzy, and the frenzy is 500,000 fewer than where we fell from

The sunsets are striking

Stunning shades of magenta streak the sky, splitting through blues that ooze fluorescent hues of citrus skin tones

I was told it draws mystics and members of manhood that never paid pennies to do what their hands could

I see aspen groves in October, Plaza merchants, zozobra

Snake oil, turquoise, silver and leather, mesas and feathers

This place where I'm tethered has galleries that cater to out of state salaries

Chile and piñon, plentiful plant life

Obsidian stones from antiquity's camp site

The river ran dry back in 1700 but established trade routes defied a lack of abundance

The path of reluctance for the limited lining

Of 4.5 billion revolutions and climbing