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This brochure is designed to emphasize the land, lots, and available opportunities at Mesa Top Farm tiny home community. Being the visual creatures that we are, the use of pictures in the brochure is the primary design element. We are drawn to experiences that stimulate our senses and depicting the land you are offering through pictures is what I believe is the best selling point.

I chose to keep the graphic elements minimalistic and of an earth based color pallet. This was intended to speak to the ideals of tiny home owners; simplicity and sustainability. The dashed lines guiding the viewer through the brochure are meant to represent pencil marks on a map. They serve the purpose of directing the eye through the content and giving the brochure a DIY feel which is very relatable for most of the folks interested in the tiny house movement.

Flow of Content

The above gallery shows the flow of information when engaging with the brochure. It is designed to draw the viewer's attention in using the magnificent view of the mountains and land. Upon opening the brochure the pertinent information about how to reach Mesa Top Farm is presented. Opening the "contact flap" reveals more pictures and content describing the lots, land, and opportunities within Mesa Top Farm's tiny home community.

The back of the brochure contains the finer details regarding the lots and what is required of tiny home owners who are interested in Mesa Top Farm's tiny home community.

Trifold Brochure - Exterior (Flat View - Not Folded) - Click Image to Enlarge

Trifold Brochure - Interior (Flat View - Not Folded) - Click image to enlarge

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