Sheet Fortress



The above mp4 file is intended to be used for social media and other online videos.

My intention while animating the logo was to capture the feeling of a continuous shift using motion and sound.

The logo shifts itself into shape in sync with the rhythm of the clapping. It then shifts into the description of the business as the Tibetan bowl is hit with the mallet. To conclude the animation the description and line work shift into blank space aligning with the sound of the rainstick.

Below is another version without sound. It is saved as a gif and intended to be used on your website.



The double sided business card is designed to guide the viewer in shifting the orientation of the card to view the different bits of information. It is intended to playfully engage the viewer and communicate a shift in perspective.

It is designed to be printed on white 120lb. uncoated cover stock using uncoated spot colors. It will stand out and have a feeling of quality when compared to the common 4-color gloss business cards that are ubiquitous today. 

I had the print shop I work with provide a couple of quotes for the printing as well.

500 cards: $225.00 or 1000 cards: $298.00

Let me know your thoughts when you have a chance : )