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In my time researching and planning for this project I reached out to the Mitsubishi Electric Marketing Department and was granted access (because you are a Diamond Contractor) to Canto, their online marketing asset archive. I was also given a pdf of brand identity guidelines that Mitsubishi Electric expects all Diamond Contractors to uphold when designing marketing material. This asset archive and their brand identity guidelines helped shape what I designed for the Hubbell spring direct mail brochure.

Below you will find 4 drafts, one for each panel of the spring direct mail brochure; Front Cover, Interior Left Panel, Interior Right Panel and Back Cover. As it is difficult to get a sense of scale with these onscreen drafts, I will also drop off a printed version this week. Click the images to enlarge them on your screen.










Below you will find a draft of the Hubbell concept print ad. This draft was designed using the content from the current fall ad.

I chose to bring the Hubbell and Mitsubishi logos together. This forms a singular visual association between the business and the product and I would recommend always presenting the logos in this fashion on all marketing material.

Because it is a content heavy ad, I chose to use a grid system for the layout. There is a header, two columns and a footer which feels easier on my eyes than moving through the content from top to bottom. The emphasis within the ad is on the warranty offer, which serves as a call to action for your potential clients.

I feel that the colors within each logo are an ideal complimentary scheme that should be heavily utilized in all the marketing material. The Hubbell process blue is calming, trustworthy and represents the cooling capabilities of a heat pump system. The Mitsubishi red is energetic, vibrant and represents the warming qualities of the system. The red can be used to demand the viewers attention and create emphasis while the blue brings a soothing balance to the dynamic contrast.

I chose to use Gill Sans as the font throughout the ad. Designed in 1928 by Eric Gill, it has stood the test of time and is as reliable as it is versatile. It has a clean, modern appearance and compliments the sans serif fonts used in the logos.

The picture is a licensed image from adobe stock. The woman in the picture has a pleasant warmth in her expression and overall appearance. Also, the blurred fall foliage in the background seemed appropriate for the fall ad.

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Graphic Design Hourly Rate: $75.00/hr (not to exceed 4 billable hours)

Sheet Fortress will redesign the fall ad based on the current content of the ad and our initial discussion. There are no limits on revisions.

An initial draft will be sent within 6 business days from the acceptance of this contract.

Once we reach a final version, print-ready files will be delivered and an invoice will be sent - due upon receipt.

- Accepted - John Onstad - 10.29.18 -.