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Here is an option with "naturally occurring omega-3" on the front flap. I included a draft with the printing area guides in blue for you to see as well. There isn't a lot of space on the front flap that Pactiv allows you print artwork on. My feeling is that "hand harvested" and "free range hens" are more effective marketing keywords that consumers connect with. I still feel that the original draft is the strongest, and if "naturally occurring omega-3" needs to be on the packaging, modifying the top or front seal is the best solution.

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Below you will find two options of the top exterior half dozen carton with the requested revisions. The UPC from the old half dozen design that you sent has been placed into the new layout. The "New Mexico Grown With Tradition" icon was added to the back above the Beneficial Farms contact info.

There are two options of the top carton design for you to decide on. With the first version I took your suggestion and extended the height of the red strip to make room for naturally occurring omega-3. My feeling is that this throws off the balance of the layout and creates a chunk of text that doesn't feel as easy on the eye. With the second version I modified the seal/stamp on the top to communicate naturally occurring omega-3. To me this feels much better. The slight variation to the seal counteracts the redundancy with it being on two surfaces of the carton.

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Option A

Option B

This page contains two options for Beneficial Farms half dozen egg cartons. These designs were created specifically for spot color dry offset printing on molded fiber egg cartons. The carton was designed to accompany the one dozen egg carton packaging currently on the market. The dry offset on molded fiber method of printing does not allow for the use of halftones or full color printing which the one dozen design is heavily utilizing. I chose to connect the dozen and half dozen designs through the use of various design elements including the Beneficial logo, existing fonts, color, and wordage.

I ran the artwork by Pete with the Pactiv Art Department just to make sure the design would work well with this method of printing and his response was "good for print."  

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Option A - Exterior



Option B - Exterior